• Pour vos besoins de formation ou de coaching en gestion de projet et préparation à la certification PMP/CAPM: 

Project Management training & coaching – Dr. Bruce Turner, PMP, Fribourg


Dr. Bruce Turner, PMP is a multilingual, experienced, Swiss-American project management professional

He provides the following project management training and coaching services:

·         Project Management Fundamentals Training

·         Preparation Courses to pass the PMP and CAPM exams for PM certification with PMI

·         Workshops in improve PM knowledge, culture, teamwork, results & stakeholder satisfaction

·         PM Coaching tailored to your specific local, international, or global projects and PM situation

·         Other PM assistance & support, such as mentoring managers or new project managers, PM consulting, etc.

Please see his website for further information: www.bruceturner.ch

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